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The quest for Santa's hat.

 As Santa's most clever Elves, we have called upon you for a very important mission!

We received a transmission from Santa stating that he is in trouble. While out delivering presents Santa has misplaced his magical hat.

 As you know, he cannot continue to deliver presents without it.

 Thankfully Santa keeps a spare hat locked away in his office.

However, Mrs. Claus has locked up for the night and is busy preparing the Christmas day feast.  So, It's up to you!

Time is precious and Santa is counting on you.

Can you find Santa's magical hat and solve this Christmas Crisis?

Decorative Ornaments

We designed a pop up escape game that all ages can enjoy this holiday season.

The puzzles range from easy to medium difficulty.

This is a pop up game, meaning that we have transformed A Fisherman's Tale temporarily.

All of the puzzles in the game have changed and the décor will fit the new theme.  

Available from November to January.

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